Selected Colombian harvestmen species, live specimens A Barinas piragua (Agoristenidae) from Bolívar B Eucynorta quadripustulata (Cosmetidae) from Bolívar C Phalangodus cottus (Cranaidae) from Cundinamarca D Phareicranaus sp. (Cranaidae) from Chocó E Ampycus telifer (Ampycidae) from Amazonas F Quindina hermesi (Nomoclastidae) from Bolívar G Stygnomma sp. (Stygnommatidae) from Tolima. Photographs by: Hugo Vides (A, B, F); Andrés García (C); Sarah Crews (D); Arthur Anker (E); Julio González / Entomopixel (G).

  Part of: Villarreal O, Ahumada-C. D, Delgado-Santa L (2023) Mapping the distribution of armored harvestmen (Opiliones, Laniatores) in Colombia: updated list of species, taxonomic contributions, and insight of diversity in protected areas. ZooKeys 1175: 223-284.