Tenguna plurijuga sp. n. 19 male, holotype 20 Same, female 21 Head and pronotum, lateral view 22 Head and thorax, dorsal view 23 Frons and clypeus, ventral view 24 Head and pronotum, lateral view 25 Forewing 26 Hind wing 27 Pygofer and anal tube, dorsal view 28 Pygofer and parameres, ventral view 29 Genitalia, lateral view 30 Aedeagus, lateral view 31 Aedeagus, ventral view 32 Aedeagus, dorsal view. Scale bars 19–26 = 2 mm; 27–32 0.5mm.

  Part of: Zheng Y-L, Yang L, Chen X-S, Luo X-Q (2017) Two new species of the planthopper genus Tenguna Matsumura, 1910, with a key to all species (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha, Dictyopharidae). ZooKeys 669: 19-27. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.669.10105