Ormyrus nitidulus. A Anterior view of head illustrating terminology used for general description (see text). Abbreviations: af, antennal foramina; am, antero-medial setae on the antennal region; an, antenna; anr, antennal area; cl, clypeus; cs, clypeal seate; fr, frons; gn, genal setae; gr, genal region; hr, hypostomal region; hs, hypostomal setae; lb, labrum; lcs, lateral clypeal setae; vam, antero-medial setae of vertex; vr, vertex region B Anterior view of mouthparts. Abbreviations: clypeus (cl); clypeal setae (cs); labrum (lb); lateral flaps of sides of labrum (lfsl); lateral lobe of labrum (lll); lateral clypeal setae (lcs); labral setae (lbs); medial lobe of labrum (mll). The under-lip complex (Mpu) is formed by labium (lbi) and maxillae (mx); maxillary palps (mp); Mpu setae: maxillary setae (ms) and antero-medial labial setae (ul).

  Part of: G√≥mez JF, Nieves MH, Gayubo SF, Nieves-Aldrey JL (2017) Terminal-instar larval systematics and biology of west European species of Ormyridae associated with insect galls (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea). ZooKeys 644: 51-88. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.644.10035