General morphology of body. A Lateral view of Ormyrus cupreus B ventral view of Ormyrus diffinis. Letters refer to the terminology used for general description (see text): ABS1-ABS9, abdominal segments; adp, anterodorsal protuberances; ANS, anal segment; THS1-THS3, thoracic segments; D, dorsal; P, pleural; V, ventral; vlr, ventrolateral region; vmr, ventromedial region.

  Part of: G√≥mez JF, Nieves MH, Gayubo SF, Nieves-Aldrey JL (2017) Terminal-instar larval systematics and biology of west European species of Ormyridae associated with insect galls (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea). ZooKeys 644: 51-88.